0.2 ml Centrifuge Tube
0.5 ml Centrifuge Tubes
1" Magnetic Stir Bar
1.5 ml Centrifuge Tubes
1.5X expansion model of ear dissection
1.75" Magnetic Stir Bar
10 ml Pipette Tips
10 mm Tube
10-50ml Tube Rack
100 ml Centrifuge Tube
100 ml Glass Bottle
100 ml Glass Bottle
100 ml PTFE Beaker
100 ml/cc Glass Syringe
100 mm Petri Dish Rack
12 mm Tube
12" Glass Thermometer 100C
12" Glass Thermometer 200C
125 ml Wide Mouth
150 ml/cc Plastic Syringe
1L Glass Bottle
1L PTFE Beaker
2.5" Magnetic Stir Bar
2.75" Magnetic Stir Bar
20 magnetic stir bar
2000 ml Glass Bottle
250 ml Glass Bottle
250 ml Glass Bottle
250 ml Wide Mouth
30 ml PTFE Beaker
30 ml Wide Mouth
300 ml PTFE Beaker
3000 ml Glass Bottle
4 Channel Timer
4 magnetic stir bars
4 mm Tube
4 Trays
50 ml Centrifuge Tube
50 ml/cc Glass Syringe
500 ml Glass Bottle
500 ml Glass Bottle
6 mm Tube
60 ml Wide Mouth
60 Position Rack
8 mm Tube
96 Position Rack
Acne model
Acupuncture Books
Adhesive Sealing Film
Afferent model
Alcohol Burner 200 ml
Alcohol Burner 200 ml
Amber Desiccator 180 mm
Amber Desiccator 300 mm
Amber Reagent Bottle
Anatomical model
Anatomy Guide
Anatomy of the teeth anatomical chart (20"x26")
Anterior part of the head
Artery injection practicing model
Autoclavable Bottles
Autoclave Tube 13"
Autoclave Tube 9"
Autonomic nervous model
Bambo test tube holder
Beaker Mug 1000 ml
Beaker Mug 350 ml
Beaker Mug 500 ml
Beaker Tongs
Beakers & Cylinders
Bell in Vacuum Jar
Binocular compound microscope (40x-1600x)
Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope
Body of teeth of illness model
Bottle Top Dispenser
Bottle-top Dispenser
Bottle-top Dispenser
Brain model
Brain model
Brain nerves in head and neck
Budget life-size heart model
Budget skull
Bulk Blue Pipette Tips
Bulk Yellow Pipette Tips
Caecum and vermiform expansion model
Capillary Tube
Cardiovascular disease anatomical chart (20"x26")
Caries model
Cartilages of larynx model
Cast iron stand
Cast iron stand
Cast iron stand
Cast iron stand
Cast-iron tripod 9"
Cast-iron tripod 9"
Cell Counter
Centrifuge Tube Rack
Chang Bioscience, Inc.
Chuck Adapter
Chuck adapter
Clear Reagent Bottle
Congentital malformation heart
Cross clamp holder
Deciduous teeth and permanent teeth model
Deep Well Concave Slide
Demonstration human manikin for nursing
Demonstration human manikin for nursing
Desiccator 150 mm
Desiccator 180 mm
Desiccator 210 mm
Desiccator 400 mm
Development teeth 2, 5, 9 20 years
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer 200C
Disorders of teeth and jaw
Dissecting microscope
Dissection Kit
Dog joint model
Drug Rep
Dualsex torso model (26 parts)
Ear acupuncture model
Ear expansion model
Elbow joint
Elbow joint
Expansion dissection model of the nasal cavity
Expansion model showing the middle ear
Expansion vertebra and spinal cord and spinal nerves
Eye dissection model
Eye image model
Eyeball expansion model
Face development
Female Baby
Female genital organs
Female internal and external genital organs
Female internal genital organs
Female pelvic cavity
Female pelvis
Female perineum
Female urinary system
Fertilization model
Fetal skull
Fetus, fetus membrane and uterus
Filter Papers
Five piece brain model
Flask clamp holder
Flask Stabilize Ring 48 mm
Flask Stabilize Ring 56 mm
Flask Stabilize Ring 61 mm
Foot and ankle
Foot bones
Foot dissection model
Foot Massage Model
Freezer Storage Box
Freezer Storage Box 50
Freezer Storage Box 100
Glass Bottles
Glass Cuvette
Glass Cuvette Black Wall
Glass Cuvette Black Wall
Glass Cylinder
Glass cylinder 10 ml
Glass cylinder 100 ml
Glass cylinder 1L
Glass cylinder 2L
Glass cylinder 50 ml
Glass Mortar & Pestle 3"
Glass Mortar & Pestle 4.5"
Glass Pestle
Glass Petri Dish 100 mm
Glass Petri Dish 60mm
Glass Petri Dish 75 mm
Glass rectangular stand
Glass Rod
Glass Rod & Tube
Glass Rod 12"
Glass Stir Bar
Glass Syringe
Glass Tube
Glassware & Plasticware
Gooseneck LED Microscope Lamp
Gooseneck Work Lamp
Hand and wrist
Hand bones
Hand dissection model
Hand muscles
Hand pressure vacuum pump
Head acupuncture model
Head and Brain
Head and neck dissection model
Head Neck
Heart expansion model
Hemocytometer cell counting chamber
Hexagon Bottle 50 ml
Hexgon Jar 100 ml
High Temperature Thermometer
Horizontal sections of the brain
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
Human Acupuncture hand
Human acupuncture model
Human acupuncture model
Human acupuncture model
Human tooth expansion model
Ice Bucket
ID 0.3 mm Open Ends
ID 0.5 mm Open Ends
ID 0.9-1.1 mm Open Ends
ID 0.9-1.1 mm Sealled End
Illustrated Pocket Anatomy - Circulatory System Study Guide
Illustrated Pocket Anatomy - Respiratory System and Disorders Study Guide
Illustrated Pocket Anatomy - Vertebral Column and Spine Disorders Study Guide
Illustrated Pocket Anatomy: Anatomy and Disorders of the Digestive System Study Guide
Inoculation Turntable
Internal antrum of the rectum model
Intracardiac injection practicing model
Intramuscular injection practicing model
Intraosseous infusion practicing model
Intraperitoneal injection practicing model
Intravenous infusion practicing model - aged
Intravenous infusion practicing model - aged w IV line
Intravenous infusion practicing model - arm
Intravenous infusion practicing model - arm w IV line
Intravenous infusion practicing model - foot
Intravenous infusion practicing model - foot w IV line
Intravenous infusion practicing model - hand
Intravenous infusion practicing model - hand w IV line
Intravenous infusion practicing model - infant scalp
Intravenous infusion practicing model - infant scalp w IV line
Intravenous infusion practicing model - leg
Intravenous infusion practicing model - leg w IV line
Intubate model of the infant
Iron support ring 2"
Iron support ring 3"
Kidney expansion model
Kidney model
Knee joint
Knee joint
Lab Coat
Lab Consumable
Lab Equipment
Lab Jack
Lab Jack
Lab Jack 6"
Lab Jack 8"
Lab Spatula
Lab Stand
Life size heart model
Life size male skeleton
Life size skeleton painted
Life size skeleton painted with ligaments
Life-size heart model
Liver cancer model
Liver dissection model
Liver pancreas and duodenum model
Ln2 Tank 10L
Ln2 Tank 10L/5"
Ln2 Tank 15L
Ln2 Tank 15L/5"
Ln2 Tank 20L
Ln2 Tank 2L
Ln2 Tank 30L
Ln2 Tank 30L/5"
Ln2 Tank 30L/8"
Ln2 Tank 3L
Ln2 Tank 6L
Lumbar vertebral column model
Lung model
Magnetic Tube Rack
Male Baby
Male ejaculatory model
Male genital organs
Male Nursing Manikin
Male pelvic cavity
Male pelvis
Male perineum
Male urinary system
Male urinary/pelvis model
Mamma dissection
Mechanical Beam Balance
Medially divided lumbar vertebra
Microplate Rocker
Microscope & slide
Microscope slides 1 box 50 pcs
Microscope slides 1 box 50 pcs
Microscope slides 1 box 72 pcs
Microscope slides 72 pcs, 100 cover slips
Microscope slides double concave 1 box 50 pcs
Microscope slides single concave 1 box 50 pcs
Mini human skull
Mini Microcentrifuge
Mix Rod 6"
Mixed Size 4-12mm
Model of lymph nodus
Model of the caries upper teeth 2 parts
Model of the gradation dissection in the head and neck
Model of the larynx trachea bronchi and bronchopulrnonary segments
Model of the lower root caries teeth 2 half
Model of the right bony labyrinth
Model of the trachea bronchi and lung
Model of the ventricles and basal nuclei
Model of veins of the head neck and thoracic
Mortar & Pestle
Mug w Cover 1000 ml
Mug w Cover 350 ml
Mug w Cover 500 ml
Multi-position clamp holder
Multiple Channel Variable Volume Pipette P8 X 200(20-200μl)
Muscles and cartilages of larynx
Muscles of mastication
Muscles of tongue
Nasal cavity dissection model
Nichrome inoculation loop
OD 0.5 mm
OD 0.5-12 mm
OD 1 mm
OD 10 mm
OD 12 mm
OD 2 mm
OD 4 mm
OD 6 mm
OD 8 mm
Oral dental model
Orbital Shaker
Osseous color model of human skull
Overhead Mixer 100W
Overhead Mixer 200W
Overhead Mixer 25W
Overhead mixer shaft
Peritoneum model
Petri Dish
Petri Dish Holder
Petri Rack
pH meter
pH probe for pHS-25
Pharynx and larynx anatomical chart (20"x26")
Pharynx and larynx muscle model
Phys Chem Lab Rack Set
Pipettes & Tips
Pipettor Rack
Plastic cylinder 100 ml
Plastic cylinder 1L
Plastic cylinder 250 ml
Plastic cylinder 500 ml
Plastic Syringe
Plate Sealing
Porcelain mortar & pestle 3"
Porcelain mortar & pestle 5"
Precision pH meter
Primitive gut model
PTFE Beaker Set
PU Leather Apron
PU Leather Sleeves
Qualitative 11 cm
Qualitative 12.5 cm
Qualitative 15 cm
Qualitative 18 cm
Qualitative 24 cm
Qualitative 5.5 cm
Qualitative 7 cm
Qualitative 9 cm
Qualitative Filter Papers
Rack Starter Set I
Rack Starter Set II
Reagent Bottles
Reproduction Urinary
Reproductive System (SparkCharts)
Right half eye model
Right mandible open teeth model 2 parts
Risks of obesity
Rubber Stopper
Safety & Protection
School Physics Kit
Science Gift
Set of 3 Acupuncture Charts
Set of 5 beakers
Set of 6 Pipettes P2/P10/P20/P100/P200/P100 Free Rack
Sex Education
Sexually transmitted infections
Shakers & Vortexer
Silicone Sealing Mat
Skin 3D model
Skin cancer model
Skin section model 4 parts
Skull model with muscles
Slide & Cover Slip
Slide cover glass 22 * 22 mm 100 pcs
Slide cover glass 22 * 50 mm 100 pcs
Slide Storage Box
Slides Rack
Small artery model
Small Clamp
Small eye model
Spectrometer Cuvette
Spinal cord and nerves
Staining Jar
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Spatula
Stainless steel stand
Stand and Rack
Stand Clamp Rack
Stir Bar Retriever
Stirrer & Mixer
Stomach dissection model
Storage case for 100 slides
Storage case for 25 slides
Storage case for 50 slides
Storage Jar
Storage Tank
Study Guide
Subcutaneous injection practicing model
Superficial muscles, blood vessels and nerves
Superficial muscles, blood vessels and nerves
Support & Clamp
Support ring 2.5"
Support ring 3"
Support ring 4"
Suture Training Kit
Swivel clamp holder
Swivel clamp holder
Tally Counter
Test Tube Rack
Test tube rack 13 mm
Test tube rack 16 mm
Test Tube Rack 16mm
Test tube rack 18 mm
Test Tube Rack 18mm
Test Tube Rack 30 mm
Testis model
The autonomic nervous system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The cover of epicranium head
The development of blood cells anatomical chart (20"x26")
The digestive system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The eye anatomical chart (20"x26")
The female muscular system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The flat panel type bone substance
The human hair anatomical chart (20"x26")
The human skull anatomical chart (20"x26")
The leaf of brain model
The lymphatic system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The male reproductive system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The model of arthritis
The model of bladder coronal male section
The model of blood vessels of pathological changes of heart
The model of coronary bypass
The model of hypertrophia of the heart
The muscular system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The natural heart model in 2 parts
The respiratory system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The skeletal system anatomical chart (20"x26")
The skin and common disorders anatomical chart (20"x26")
Tooth model
Transfer Pipettes 0.75 ml
Transfer Pipettes 1 ml
Transfer Pipettes 3 ml
Transfusion arm model
Transfusion arm model
Transparent bronchopulmonary segment
Transparent heart model
Transparent kidney model
Transparent Liver Model
Trinocular compound microscope (40x-1600x)
Tripod support mesh
Tube Rack
Unisex torso model (6 parts)
Urinary bladder and prostate
UV Quartz Cuvette
UV Quartz Cuvette Black Wall
UV Quartz Cuvette Black Wall
Vacuum Desiccator 150 mm
Vacuum Desiccator 180 mm
Vacuum Desiccator 210 mm
Vacuum Desiccator 240 mm
Vacuum Desiccator 300 mm
Vacuum Jug
Variable Vloume Pipette P10 ml (1-10 ml)
Variable Volume Pipette P10(1-10μl)
Variable Volume Pipette P100(10-100μl)
Variable Volume Pipette P1000(100-1000μl)
Variable Volume Pipette P2 (0.2-2μl)
Variable Volume Pipette P20(2-20μl)
Variable Volume Pipette P200(20-200μl)
Vertebra cervical and arteria spinal nerves
Vortex Mixer
Waterproof Dry Pouch
Waterproof Dry Pouch
Waterproof Dry Pouch
Wire Brush 10
Wirefame Rack 22mm
Wireframe Rack 15mm
Wireframe Rack 20mm
Wireframe Rack 27mm