Gooseneck LED Microscope Lamp

Gooseneck LED Microscope Lamp
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Product Description

For use with a dissecting microscope and photography of small samples.

1. Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60 HZ
2. LED power: 3W each, 6W total. LED lamp lasts > 50000 hours.
3. Total luminous flux > 240 lm.
4. 30 focusing lens focus light beams into a small area.
5. Maximum illuminance > 5x105 lx. That is equivalent to 1000x office light, 500x TV studio light, 4-12x direct sunlight.
6. Colors: white light. Color temperature 3000-9000K. This temperature is much higher than that of fiber optic illumination, so the color looks bright white instead of incandescent-yellow.
7. Flexible gooseneck length: 10 inches. Base diameter 6".
8. Certification: UL for power supplier and CE for the lamp.
9. Metal base and pipes.
10. No cooling fans. Very quite.