Male Nursing Manikin

Male Nursing Manikin
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Product Description

Size: Life size. Sex: male.

The model can be used for the following trainings:

1. Basic nursing (such as sanitation of head and face, wiping bath etc.)
2. Clinical sanitary nursing (such as changing bed sheet, sanitation of sickbed etc.)
3. Sanitation of mouth
4. Nursing of tracheotomy of first aid
5. Therapeutics of inbreathe oxygen
6. Nasal feeding
7. Gastric lavage
8. Cardiac resuscitation
9. Deltoid injection
10. Deltoid Descender hypodermic injection
11. Mainline
12. Vein puncture
13. Vein transfusion
14. Male catheter
15. Male clyster
16. Arm injection
17. Nursing of the open part of a sore
18. Puncture and biopsy operations