School Physics Kit

School Physics Kit
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Product Description

  • This is an extensive package of equipment for middle school and high school physics labs.
  • Included are sets for mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, and acoustics.
  • Everything shown in the pictures.
  • Ideal for teachers, home school, and young scientist. Listed below are some of the equipment.
  • I. Mechanics Pulley set, lever and stand, weights, mechanical balance set, incline table for inertia experiments, Archimedes' Principle kit, force and pressure set, pendulum, and Newton force meter.
  • II. Electricity Lamp sockets, switches, battery box, Ammeter, Voltmeter, coil resistance, variable resistance, LED, electric motor and generator, and electroscopes.
  • III. Electromagnetism Magnetic bars, compass, electromagnets, electromagnetic relay, and iron-sand.
  • IV. Optics Plane mirror, semitransparent mirror, concave/convex mirrors, concave/convex lens, mirror and lens stands, and prism.
  • V. Thermodynamics Lab stand. support rings, alcohol burner, glass beaker, cylinder, and thermometer.
  • VI. Acoustics Two tuning forks and resonance boxes.
  • Also included a free aluminum storage box (18"x12"x12") and a binoculars.